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Saturday, 2 April 2011

How To crack NI Multisim Ultiboard 11.0.1 full edition: Resolved

 ►First up all you will need a license file generator which you will get here.

Check Video Tutorial on How to Crack "NI Multisim 11.0.1"
►Extract that keygen on the desktop in a perticular Folder, Disconnect internet and then run the crack it.

Run the keygen;

 ► After opening keygen enter digit "2" next to the "Select License Type:"
and hit Enter. If you wish any different choice you may go for it.
►It will create two ".lic" files in that folder, and that is what u wanted.

►Now open  "NI License Manager" by navigating to;
"Start(Windows key)">"All Programs">"National Instruments">"NI License Manager"
►And Navigate to "Install License File..." as shown in the following image...

►Navigate to the License files, select both files and open them.
►If it asks for rewrite previously installed License click "Yes", but if it Don't no matter.

►close everything and now open up "NI Multisim 11.0.1".
You have done it.
the image must like above one.
►Cheerssssssss..... ►Post comments if u still have any Doubts.


  1. i have downloaded NI multisim from NI website but while installing the license key suggested by you its getting some problem..After installing the license file when i am starting the product again it is asking for "evaluation version" or "Activate"...what i should i do???

  2. when i clicked 'install license file' it say that 'the requested operation require write access to the license directory'. what does that means?

  3. Dude thanQ veryvery much.............